NEVER EVER place an order with this company or sign up with them. they have the WORST customer service.

they have the WORST company policies. I tried to return my packages, which were unopened, and had to pay $25.00 each package to return. when I called them, they told me I couldn't get my money back because I had to cancel my account. they FORGOT to send me the email to cancel, then blamed it on me.

I'm still trying to get ahold of someone. they have over $200.00 of my money I want back.

I officially hate this company! NEVER EVER again

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I have been a member for almost 20 years. I have returned items quite often.

I even exchanged items that were opened because I didn't like it. No issues. This is one company that I have never had problems with.

If anything their customer service bent over backwards to make sure I was satisfied. In the 20 years I have been a member I have not experienced any of these issues some other people have on product satisfaction.


I've been with the company for over a year and no issues what so ever... even had business builders cancellations within my team.

Never had a complaint or problem following up on cancellations or product returns. Sounds like you may not have been responsible enough to join in the first place. It is YOUR responsibility to read what you agree to and follow up - you shouldn't blame the company for personal error, or put out bad reviews to people who may have a better experience because they pay attention and act responsibly.

Thank you - have a great day! :)


You obviously didn't listen to them. Their customer service is top notch!

They have given me credit for products my daughter's couldn't use. I have never had an issue with them and LOVE their products!


Oh, I like their products too. I just don't want the monthly hassle of ordering it.

I have tried twice to cancel and have never received the forms. Why is it that some people love it and the ones that don't aren't paying attention. I guess it comes down to your loyalties. You don't mind overpaying for mail order products that can be purchased in store for a fraction of the cost when one needs it.

I personally have approx. 50 bottles of lotion that should last me a lifetime. Lets face it, the cancellation forms should be available on the web site to be filled out and e-mailed in. Why is it the one must contact a customer service rep during business hours and listen to the sales pitch over again only to not receive the forms as promised.

It is a scam of sorts.

If you love it great, more power to you. I personally will shop at a brick and mortar.


hmmm..i find this hard to believe. every time i have come in contact with them they are very pleasant to work with and take care if things.