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Having been in customer service for some time, and looking for a home based job, I have responded to many advertisements concerning employment as a CSR. I was contacted by a representative of Melaleuka, listened to the online presentation, and spoke with the representative who contacted me...along with her 'partner'...shortly after the presentation. I explained to both of them that I needed time to sift through the information that I had been presented before making a decision as to coming on board. Let me explain why;

To me, customer service is JUST THAT. The customer comes before anything else. That view is merely an ethical view...treat my customers as I would want to be treated.

This Corporation is a Multi-level Marketing Firm (MLM). While not touted as a 'pyramid' scheme it is exactly that. (yes, I said scheme, because what is being done is legal. In my view not ETHICAL, but legal) Anytime you have the need to have additional CSR's who have their additional customers working under you to make the top dollar, it is a pyramid scheme. And legally that is all well and good if you have the time to devote to make it happen; HOWEVER.....when your focus shifts from CUSTOMER FIRST, to HOW MUCH MONEY CAN I MAKE, in my opinion suggests a loss of ethics.

Let's face it; isn't the HOW MUCH MONEY CAN I MAKE attitude what has landed us in the financial troubles that we are in today? And how far reaching has this been....WORLD WIDE financial collapse.

To be fair to those of you who are in this partnership for the fun of working at home and bringing in some extra cash...but still devote 100% effort to ensure that your customers (who pay your salary) remain your number one priority, I applaud you. Never lose sight of your values.

If I have offended anyone by my comments, you are more than likely the ones that I am referring to, and probably need to do some soul searching of your own (if you still have one to search).

For those of you who are THINKING of going into this partnership....take some time to look at your values before you decide.

I cannot speak for product line or pricing, as I have not used them; but have seen glowing reviews.

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Melaleuca is NOT a pyramid scheme. As another commenter noted, a pyramid scheme only benefits the few at the top on the backs of the new recruits, and the pyramid goes on forever.

Melaleuca limits is Marketing Executives to seven levels.

Additionally, commissions are paid on customers' purchases of products; a pyramid scheme is based on new enrollment fees and getting the new guys to buy more and more product from their "uplines" to resell to their "downlines". You find none of this in Melaleuca.


if u never used the products u have no place to speak about the company! thats just ignorant!


I think you making a statement towards those of us that take care of our customers was awesome. I'm an Independent Marketing Executive with Melalecua. I also have over 13yrs experience in customer service, so my customers get the utmost service from me. I make *** well sure that I provided my customers with all the facts before they sign up.

Sadly I've noticed that too many ppl are coming across enrollers that are only thinking about "the money" Now for me personally I'm a stay at home mom with a 2yr old son and I'm currently 8 months pregnant. Even then I think about the customers first, not my paycheck. I know that they will in turn provide me with residual income, so I take care of them. Plus I'm thrilled that I've been able to change their lives for the better, it's very rewarding :D

Now there are plenty of pyramids out there, most everything in our every day lives is one. Just take a look at the structure at our everyday work place. No matter how hard I work I will never make more then the owner. The reason why is because he's at the top and he reaps the benefits of those that work below him. Now I've been in tons of MLM's with my husband. What we both liked about Melaleuca is that unlike a pyramid you can make more then the person that enrolled you and even more then the person that enrolled them. The company pays you for your effort so you can make more then those above you. While in a pyramid you're doomed to never make as much as the higher ups.

We also just wanted to be customers first. I was the one that wanted to try the business side since there's no risk .I was never pushed to do so by my enroller. I provide ppl with the facts on what I do, I never go recruiting or anything, that's not what we do.


Wake up! ALL of corporate America is a pyramid.

We work our butts off for countless hours neglecting our families and ourselves, in order to make the man at the top rich! And what do we get out of it? NOTHING!

I just met with a Melaleuca Rep and I cannot wait to sign up and work hard for my money, but actually have work/life balance. Time with my family comes first.


To RETMSGTUSMC. I understand your reticence regarding such "schemes" as Melaleuca and whether they are ethical, I would suggest that it is a matter not being fully informed.

I would grant that not everyone involved in mlm acts ethically, but in essence the model actually rewards diligence and helping others.


Melaleuca not only has excellent products but one of the best business plans for self-employment seekers. It is built on Christian values and those who have been in the business spend hours helping those who are just getting started.

They may not even earn anything for doing it. Not many companies can say that. It is an excellent business. Yes, You do have to work to get a check.

But don't we all have to work somewhere to get a check. You will not get paid if sit and wait for someone else to do the work. That seems more than fair. My thought is that those who complain without gathering the correct facts are the unethical ones.

The is a huge difference between "pyramid" businesses and the compensation plan used by Melaleuca. For instance, did you know it only goes 7 generations deep? Pyramids have no stop - it can go on forever. That is why the one at the top could make a fortune and never have to work!

I suggest you actually study a business before you start bashing it. You only make yourself look bad.


My, my. I seem to has hit a raw nerve.

I invite you to re-read my note for its intent; however, in rebuttle to your kind and eloquent remarks, 1) no one paid me to write the 'garbage' as you call it. 2) The fact that I have never used Melaleuka products has nothing to do with what I was attempting to iterate. I was commenting on the number of unasatisfied customers with the level customer service provided by this partnership. The comment that I made was that if making money gets in the way of good customer service, there is a problem.

Did you not understand that, or are you telling me that all of the negative customer service reviews that I read are also 'garbage?' 3) I never said that this partnership is illegal. I have read the Beter Business Bureau file; however, it is a pyramid scheme cut and dry. The fact that you have made it to a level at which you are able to make a substantial income is admirable and I would hope that your level of customer service is as successful. IF you are able to maintain GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE along the way, I do not see why you feel it necessary to defend yourself; or are you defending the Melaleuka family in gerneral.

I was not speaking generalities, I was attacking (for lack of a better term) those who allow GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE to suffer in order to climb the ladder.

If the shoe fits, wear it. If not, then why get yourself worked up over it?


Is someone paying you to write this garbage,? If you haven’t ever used the products, how is it you think you know so much about Melaleuca, I have worked in home based businesses for over 25 years, and I can tell you, you are totally wrong about pyramid schemes, #1 they are illegal, and this company is over 25 years old, you would think, if that was the case they would be shut down.

#2 In a pyramid only the person at the top makes it, if that is the case how is it I have made over $40k a year every year since I started that was just 4 years ago. I am sure that I am not at the top of some crazy pyramid. What I find is that people that say this kind of garbage are actually people looking for a pyramid.... and when they come to Melaleuca and find that you actually get paid for only real work, that requires real time they want to complain because they have to work to make a living.

Melaleuca is a business it is not an hourly job…. If you are looking to get rich quick you are right Melaleuca doesn’t off that, but if you are looking to get paid fairly for time spent to grow a business, Melaleuca is the right place. I find it unethical for people like yourself who by your own admission have never used the products feel you can act like you are the expert, because the truth is if you have never been a customer purchasing direct from the company, then you could not have ever experienced the Compensation plan.

Only Direct customers, people that are their loyal preferred customers that shop monthly can earn a paycheck with them, so it is obvious that for some unknown reason you have decided to bash Melaleuca for trying to offer hope to families that want to use our products and tell others about how great the products are and get paid for doing it .( referral based marketing is what we do). So until you do become a preferred customer, you should not be trying to act like the authority on it.

I would suggest that any one that wants to know about Melaleuca should go to the better business bureau in Idaho Falls and search out Melaleuca to know the truth.

Google has become the bathroom wall for people to bash whatever company they want to put down that day, only thing I can figure is Melaleuca must be your competition.