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Before I start.. I want to go back to last month. Last month with my very first Melaleuca order, I ordered a bottle of PreSpot, melaBright melaPower, Diamond Brite,MelaSoft, and Luminex. Well, when they arrived, 2 of the bottles must have been crushed during shipping...
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I want to cancel my membership

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Melaleuca Customer Care
I am a huge advocate of daily shower cleaners since I HATE scrubbing bathtubs and showers with disgusting soap *** (but unfortunately also hate dirty showers and bathtubs). This product already seems to be an excellent value, since you dilute it with water, and each...
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They are the worst company ever. Melaleuca makes it impossible to cancel order and keep chaging credit card for every month. We sent cancelation documents in and they say they have not recieved. They also say that things get lost in the mail and it is not thier...
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Melalauca is just useless!!

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Melaleuca and customer service.

Melaleuca has given me horrible service since day 1. I was promised all these expectations on how good they were but nothing was true. I sent a letter in to cancel my account but they said I had to do it by the '25th' which no associate told me and now they sent me a box of stuff I do not want. Melaleuca has done this twice to me now and are also making me pay for shipping both ways. Not only do I have a box of nothing I want but shipping must also be paid. Bad customer service.
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Melaleuca has fantastic customer service! And everything is in writing for you to see. That's why it's important for ppl to read thru their membership kit.

And John, Melaleuca does not hire people to promote their products. The quality of the products speak for themselves. If anyone is having a problem with Mela they should talk to whoever enrolled them.

And nikalseyn, Melaleuca is a fine company, with good morals/values/work ethic/etc. they promote safer products and give money back to the little guy vs. big companies like Wal-mart or Target. I've been using their products for over a year now and have recently started doing the business side of it. It is a great company. It is not an MLM so there is a lot more reasons to join Melaleuca than other things ppl join i.e. Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Scentsy, Amway

All in all, Melaleuca it's great and I feel a lot better knowing I am using their products.


Melaleuca has wonderful Customer Service. Did you not read the forms to set up your acct.

It clearly says you can cancel in writing any month by the 25th. If you do so, you will never ever have anything else sent to you.


I have been around this company for years and I love it and have heard no accurate complaints. When you sign up you are told/agree to the terms of the back up order.

So when you say "no associate told me" that is true to a point but it is written in the membership paper work which you agree to when you sign up, or if you did it by phone you are told this when they go over your commitment with the back up order. I am so sorry you feel like this about such a wonderful company, however, in all the 21 years I have had with this company they have ALWAYS gone above and beyond making myself and its costomers happy.

But sorry I don't agree when you say it has horrible service, I have never seen it. Please go back through your paper work or call your rep if you have an issue.


Hey MotivatedMom2011,

Melalueca hires people like you to say these things.


Nikalseyn, not sure if you'll read this. But when people sign up as a Preferred Customer they agree to get a backup order if they don't shop for that month.

There are many reasons why the backup order is in place, and you can make it whatever you want, and it does benefit us the consumer in the end for doing so. We end up getting better prices and no formaldehyde because they can better predict what everyone will be buying. Also, you get to keep your Preferred Customer benefits - which are too many to list here. So if you get a package from Melaleuca it's because you are supposed to get it.

They dont' just charge peopel and send imaginary orders. They are on the Better Business Burea HALL OF FAME, INc5 500 Hall of Fame and have received the Torch Award from the better business bureau for outstanding csutomer service.


Sorry, You must have been misinformed. I have been a happy Melaleuca customer for 3.5 years.

We have saved almost $3000, received $400 in FREE PRODUCTS that we use everyday, and I have received a paycheck EVERY single month because I have referred others. The products have changed our lives. My daughter's asthma is gone. We no longer have toxic products in our home.

My pain from my rheutamoid arthritis is almost non-existant. Anyone who cancels is crazy. Why go back to using toxic chemicals? Cancelling before the 25th is on the presentation, it's also in your membership kit, it's also on t he website.

It's all over the place. So if you didn't know it, don't blame the person who showed you Melaleuca, blame yourself for not reading everything. Also, you're not supposed to have to pay shipping. They send an email that you print and put it on the package.

OR they can mail it to you and you stick it on there. We shop there every single month for everything we need and we get free stuff - NO other store would do that.


So, it was your girlfriend who told you all the things that "weren't true"? If I were you, I'd "cancel" the girlfriend. LOL


I did it to help my girlfriend. I will do that.

Thanks for your help and I totally agree with you.

John N

Whenever you receive a package from a company that you did not order, do NOT open it. Draw a line thru your name and address with a flair and then an arrow pointing up to the sender's address. Circle their address. Then, along the line from your name up to his, write boldly "Refused. Return to Sender."

Drop it off in any post office box or at the Post Office. They will ship it back to the sender at no charge to you. When it is returned to the sender, they will open it, find their invoice, etc. and take care of it.

If all else fails, dispute any credit card charges each month and if push comes to shove, tell your credit card issuer that you are being scammed and need to get a new credit card number, etc.

Lastly, why in the world would anyone buy from a group like Melaleuca??

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Melaleuca is a bad trip please please do not get involved. I had to spend $30 to stop the company from taking money from my account even after I canceled three months ago. Please be careful! The rep who contacted me told me a bunch of lies to get me signed up and...
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They will not take one penny out of your acct. if you cancel your membership.

What you are saying is not true.

Read your membership form that you signed where it clearly says that you can cancel anytime by the 25th of any month in writing. period.

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I have contacted the company on four (4) occasions to purchase products. I guess they don't want a sale from me. No one ever got back to me. I have used the products before and really liked them. I wanted to buy some laundry detergent, fabric softener, dyer...
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If you still not get any help call me and I will help with this. I am a rep for Melaleuca 301-606-1358

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I've been reading everyone's reviews and I have some questions. I'm being asked to open a household account but if a customer or rep could please clarify a few things first I'd appreciate it. 1. Do you have to sign up for membership to purchase the products? If so, is...
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1. Do you have to sign up for membership to purchase the products?

If so, is there a fee to become a member? I'm being told it's an online store but I don't get why I have to become a "member" to shop.
Answer: You are not forced to sign up but yes you need to be a member to buy the products. It is kinda like Sam's if your not a member you don't get to shop in the warehouse.

Now there is Melaleuca products on Amazon and Ebay problem with that is you don't know how long they have had it and they are triple the price of what it would cost if you are a preferred customer. There is many other benefits such as free products and shopping through 650 more stores that give up to 15% cash back I will name a few Best Buy, Target, Macy's, Dell, Home Depot and much more.. The lifetime membership fee is $29 and every year after that is $12 every year after. You have 4 months to get your membership money back and 60 days to try a product or your money back.

Now sometimes like this month it is $1 to be a preferred customer..
2. What is a backup order? Do they send you stuff you don't actually order?
Answer: Backup order is now called a select pack When you first become a Melaleuca customer you will have a select pack order in place now you can go and customize what you want anytime. What I did was ordered my first month and then once I figured what I liked I would customize my select pack to my liking so If I ever forgot to order by the end of that month cause I was busy or just forgot, the select pack would be sent out and It would be billed to my account almost like I placed my order that month.

If I place my order every month I would never have to worry about my select pack going out it would only go out if I forgot to order one month. having this in place protects your membership status and discounts and benefits..
3. I've seen mention about "points"?

What are points?
Answer: We are in 19 different countries so melaleuca uses a point system. Every product has points attached to it in the USA we have over 450 products which is 5,000 points.. So lets say someone from China buys renew lotion which is one of our best products for dry skin. So they buy the 8 oz bottle which is 7 points and when we buy it here in America it is 7 points someone in Canada buys it and it is 7 points so instead of figuring out all those currencies Melaleuca makes it easy and attaches points to each product..

If the product is a higher price then the points are higher.. When you become a customer you have the option of doing 75 points or 35 points everyone chooses the 35 points and what this means is your telling Melaleuca that you will purchase up to 35 product points < $50 to$60> or more per month and in turn Melaleuca will give you access to 650 stores that gives up to 15% cash back, Watch some videos to educate you on the manufacturer and the products, in turn they pay you and that is loyalty dollars that you can use to get free products! You are receiving wholesale prices instead of market prices if these was being sold in like your local store. You may find our products being sold at or Ebay but they are so much more expensive and probably not fresh..

Being a member is awesome been with them for close to 3 years and very happy and I know I get my products sent to my door and very fresh not sitting on some shelf getting old.

have more questions feel free to contact me.. Regards, Christopher
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Melaleuca Membership
I do not like the smell of the melaleuca shampoo and product but feel that is is very safe. i had high blood pressure and my boyfriend too but the products made our blood pressure normal. My doctor is so surprised! I am trying out more products little by little. My...
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If you tried the Natural Formula Shampoo it does have the Melaleuca Oil smell to it which isn't appealing to some. Their Envia Shampoo and Conditioner is very delightful. Give it a try!!!

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Melaleuca Shampoo
Most of the negative "complaints" posted on here are from the same person posing as different people in an attempt to cause problems. I have been a consumer advocate for 3 years now, and even mantian a blog that helps protect people from online scams and frauds, and...
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Yes, I agree. I know that they are false statements as I have been a customer 3 times.

The prices of Melaleuca may be higher than Walmart but they are not made in China, there is quality control. God only knows whats in those products? Also one complainer said --she couldn't quit, that is a lie, I quit 3 times and never had a problem and am now a customer again and they were very happy to see me back. Also another complainer said ---they take your bank account number etc and charge to it and they only have whatever you gave them when you signed up.

Also another complainer said that she got stuff in a back up order when she forgot to order and she didn't want any of that stuff, she picked out her own back up order when she signed up, everyone does.

This is in case you forget to order and you will still get your favorite items. They do not just pick out your back up order for you---you pick it!

#235384 Review #235384 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Melaleuca review in North Hollywood, California: Ughh...

i can't cancel My account... i Don't like Or want melaleuca There just a Bunch if Spammers and liars who wont let you cancel and want you money and charge you either wayyyyy i just am Not satisfiedddd i hate this companyyy anddd i Hope someonebody can report ther scam i think imma call my lawyer Whyv do they do Thiss They willllll hear From My lawyers Really Sonn They'll See About That... they willl i swar
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brad z

they didn't offer to put my account on hold. I think your taking *** Deb Morgan-Nelson. my sponsor is a clown.


Cancelled my account with no problem. Friendly when they did it too. It is the only direct sale company I would ever be partnered with.


The person who enrolled you is supposed to help you cancel your membership if you are not happy for any reason.


They do let you cancel (I sent two faxes and two emails).

I got a back-up order I did not request for $61+. I returned it unopened.

They promised a refund to my account in 6-10 business days.

Two weeks later, I email to complain, and they said my refund of $46 will be put in the mail and should arrive in 3-10 business days.

Makes me wanna scream. But I'm glad the nightmare is over.

Now I'm on the crusade to do what somneone should have done for me: Rescue me before hitting the Melaleuca Trap.

If you're reading this and considering Melaleuca, don't fall for the 'change you store' rubbish. Stick to WalMart. They have more ethics.


They will let you cancel any time you want to. You must send a signed written letter expressing your desire to cancel via fax or mail.

This is to protect peoples accounts. I have always been pleased with them, and their customer service.


They tried to rope me in with their MLM BS and pseudo scientific research to justify the efficacy of their product line.

Told 'em to take a hike


learn how to spell and pronunciation. Melaleuca is great company & products


Did you contact their customer service by phone? I can tell you from past experience that they will gladly cancel your account--or put it on hold with a simple phone call.

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