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MOM Team/Meleleuca issues

I agree with staying away from the MOM team. I was with Melaleuca and what really ticked me off was that you could not tell people what the company was. You had to sites like these because you could NOT use Melaleuca's name in your advertising. Suffice it to say, it turned a lot of people off because they thought you were being sneaky and deceptive. Plus, I had customers that forgot to place thier orders, got thier autoship, placed and order in between then, then called or emailed me all pissed off because they got all this stuff. Very frustrating! I am with a different company now - no deception, no monthly requirements or anything like that. It has been great and I actually have a some business that I don't have to hide!!!
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Shaklee's is one of the companies I recommend as well.


You will find good and bad reports with any company and any one can have a problem with a product. For example I have friends that love Mary Kay but I am allergic to it.

If I searched them on any of these, I would find as many good reports as bad I expect. I have no experience with Shaklee but I know people who use it and like it.

I am perfectly happy with Melaleuca and have been a perfectly satisfied customer for a year or two now. My sister tried it and it didn't work for her and she had no problem canceling.


I never had problems with Shaklee when I was with them. Shaklee never made me buy products in a monthly basis either.

Today, a lady called me about Malaleuca. First, the name gets many misspellings, second it sounds too good to be true, the BBB has over two hundred complaints, this lady does not know how to sell and I had to research on the Internet and found too much drama.

#146605 - Cached - SimilarShaklee (Scam - Fraud) Watch Before Enrolling w/ Shaklee!! by ...

May 11, 2008 ... A video by bigscott2122 - What is Skaklee Who is Shaklee Shaklee Scam Shaklee Fraud The Truth About Shaklee Shaklee Legit Shaklee Illegal ... - SimilarShaklee & Oprah – Has Shaklee “Sold Out”?

Apr 27, 2007 ... This analogy to me the “Group Think” analogy best summarizes the Shaklee mindset and I further assert it should be avoided as most scams are ...


To Susan, Congratulations, you're happy with Shaklee. I'm happy with Melaleuca.

My cats don't have a problem with the tea tree oil. I don't find the body wash itchy. Many people have allergies or sensitivities to different products, natural or not. That doesn't make Melaleuca's products bad and your good.

There may be many people with sensitivities to Shaklee products, who knows! Many Olympians & world record breakers use our nutritional supplements. And the distributors are passionate about the products and the helping people. Our companies don't seem to be much different except that Shaklee is an MLM and Melaleuca isn't.

Good for you that you're happy where you're at. But don't bash other companies that you know nothing about. As far as your friend goes, the "credit" you're referring to can only be loyalty shopping dollars, meaning, with each order she places a percentage goes into an account to use to get free products. If she cancels her account, of course she's going to lose that.

It's not cash to be handed out.

It's applicable only to orders through the company. If she didn't use it, it's her own fault.


Just Googled Shaklee and found complaints about it as well. The bottom line there are REALLY great home business opps out there, Shaklee AND Melaleuca.

If you come in LOOKING for a problem you will find it because you will convince yourself that the problem exists. If you have a bad experience with one person/team, you can't let determine the position of the ENTIRE company. That's like having a bad encounter with a Target employee, so now you don't shop at any Target. Now we all know that is RiDiCuLoUs!!!

If you find a great opp that "works for you" with a particular company...GREAT. Don't bash the others to gain support for where you are so you can make money. I wish the best to all the Shaklee folks. I am with Melaleuca because they stand by their statment of "Enhancing the Lives of those we touch by HELPING people reach THEIR goals".

I'm sure Shaklee has a great mission stmnt as well. SO go out and achieve success without trying to tear others down to gain business.

It is so NOT cool and makes you seem like a crab in bucket....pulling others down so you can reach the top and ultimately no one really gets anywhere.... Best to all of you!!!


I have heard a lot of complaints about how Melaleuca will send you things even if you don't want them. My friend had a couple of thousand dollars worth of credit and didn't want to keep paying the monthly amount so called to cancel and they said if she refused to continue paying that she would forfeit her credit!

She was so upset that she quit and lost her thousands of dollars of credit! I have at least 4 friends in that situation. Today someone told me that she was using their cleaning products but was allergic to the tea tree oil in them. Another former customer said the tea tree oil is poisonous to cats so no longer uses their products.

Another customer said her son was getting itchy from their bath wash. I am also with Shaklee and can tell you that our company is very ethical, rated to be one of the greenest companies out there, is very honest and the products are awesome. The cleaners were on Oprah's Favorite Things and on the Rachel Ray Show. The nutritional supplements are used by the US Olympics Ski and Snowboarding Teams.

The products are amazing. I feel that the distributors are so passionate about the products and helping people. I love Shaklee!

I'm so glad that shakmom is with us now! :-)


I did share previously - it's Shaklee :)


Wow, once again it sounds like you were not enrolled properly or given a full understanding of Melaleuca. Good luck with your new company. I think we would all love to know what it is.



You can email me at: shak_mom@***.com if you want :)

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I wish I knew this years ago

I have been a Melaleuca customer for 10 years completely committed on the cleaning products, they are absolutely the most effective that I have ever used. Our 2 children have never missed a single day of school due to sickness, neither has had a cavity, and recieve...
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I am glad you have had a great experience. However, I urge you to educate yourself on the ingredients, turn the bottles around and research each ingredient.

They may be better than what's at the grocery store, but they are far from truly safe products, free of toxins. Please, learn about each ingredient, then make a self educated decision, not one based on what they tell you.

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Melaleuca Customer Care
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I've recently read a string which I believe to be misinformed consumers.... I have been a Melaleuca customer (not a sales agent) for more than 6 years now. I can honestly say that my family is one of the healthiest in our neighborhood ( my daughter was one of two...
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I'm so glad to hear some good comments about Melaleuca. I truly think that those customers that are happy are just ..

happy and go on about their lives being healthy instead of taking the time to place comments about how pleased with the products they are. When someone told me they had read some of these I got online and looked them up. WOW! I think the happy customers should be getting on here too, because Melaleuca is the most reputable online company that I've done business with.

We too are getting rid of harmful cleaners that we breathe every day and discontinued using the things that we put on our skin - which totally soaks up everything you put on it!!! I haven't found a single item that we don't like - maybe at some point we will, but my gosh!

If you don't like a pair of shoes in a shoe store, you don't stop going there - you try something else!!!! (duh!)

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Belfair, Washington
Melaleuca Customer Care
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Melaleuca won't let you cancel account

I tried to cancel my account after using their vitamins for over 2 years. After not finding a way on their site I called customer service. I was told they needed me to mail in my signature to cancel the account. I asked what would happen if I stopped ordering every...
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It will not even let you down load the form to your Phone.

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Boulder, Colorado
Melaleuca Vitamins
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Melaleuca: totally unprofessional, not informed customer with correct data.

Melaleuca Company was totally unprofessional when solicited to help solve a customer request. Over the phone they did not even try to accommodate customer's request. When requested to speak with a manager, the client was refused first and only after insisting was transferred to another person, same lack of professionalism and willingness to help. By the third person in command line, the story become exhausted and no acceptable resolution offered. None of all these 3 company representants gave all, complete, accurate and useful information at the time of the conversation. A next call placed by the customer 24 hours later revealed the latter part of the information not mentioned yesterday. The company did not even tried to collaborate in a professional manner. A total refuse was all they could do. Customer service representative transfered the customer to an answering machine after failing for the second time in a row to collaborate and offer something to the unfair treated customer.
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Endicott, New York

Melaleuca: totally unprofessional, not informed customer with correct data.

Melaleuca Company was totally unprofessional when solicited to solve a customer request. Over the phone they did not even try to accommodate customer's request. When requested to speak with a manager, the client was refused first and only after insisting was transferred to another person, same lack of professionalism and willingness to help. By the third person in command line, the story become exhausted and no acceptable resolution offered. None of all these 3 company representants gave all and the complete and accurate information on the time of the conversation. A next call placed 24 hours later revealed the latter part of the information not mentioned yesterday and the company did not even tried to collaborate in a professional manner. They transfer the customer to an answering machine after failing for the second time in a row to collaborate and offer something to the unfair treated customer.
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If a person wishes to cacel an account it should be done. This company makes it hard to do so. I will not recommend joining unless this business practice is better taken care of properly.


We sent a fax to cancel membership, they told us could not fine it. We also told them we have their conformation.

They advised still nothing they could do, and we would be charged again this month.

They were very unhelpful. We will not be recommending Melaleuca to any friends or organizations we are affiliated.


I think I met George the 4th yesterday at the customer service counter at the Target store. He was whining about the service because he wanted to return an article of clothing and get his money back but he didn't have his sales receipt. Instead of understanding the rules, all he could do was call the CSR ***.

I have been a Melaleuca customer for 14 years and have always received polite, helpful service when I have called.

George the 4th....stop your whining and go somewhere else on the world wide web.


I usd to work for melaleuca. There is a lack of professionalism all the way up to frank. I worked in production and you would be shocked to find out what is allowed to be let out of there.


So far my experience with Melaleuca has been excellent (both products and customer service) and doesn't at all support your allegations (too general..). I've called them on different days at different times and customer service is consistently beyond my expectations.

Their staff are pleasant, courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful. One time when I faxed an order and called the company, a customer service rep promised to call me back as soon as she receives the fax.

That she did and I was surprised! I think you should be more specific in your complaint and should not generalize and say that Melaleuca is totally unprofessional etc.

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Endicott, New York


Melaleuca has been a wonderful company to me and many others I've meet. The products are wonderful and the people that I've interacted with have been amazingly positive people. If you are looking for a 'negative' aspect in a business, you can find that very easily. Every business will have bad reports on even the most top rated products. As I've done my personal research for the business, I find that the negative comments are far less then the positives. It sounds like many people have been approached and pushed by the wrong people. I can understand how this would put a bad taste in one's mouth. You'll find these people in any business and walk of life. I hope that people are not just researching looking only for the 'negative' side of Melaleuca or any other business. I'm not here to change your mind. Just trying to put a positive aspect in some of your thoughts. Good Luck! Enjoy the world.
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Seattle, Washington

Part 2 of They wont let you cancel once you joined and still try to charge!!

I wrote a review back in May about Melalueca it was titled They wont let you cancel once you joined and still try to charge!! I was pretty heated about the whole ordeal. Since then I have gotten Some people post comments that were way out of line, Saying if you were more calm and understanding about it they would have helped you! In my defense I was very patient with everyone, i understood the sistuation. yes i was at some fault for dealing with my 2 and 1 year old at the time of the 10 min. phone recording once you joined about cancellation and the process i even told her just call back in 10 min! and yes i was at fault for giving in and joining when i really didn't want to. But, I didn't want to owe money in the first place so why be mean to people who were trying to help resolve the whole issue? i did get some very rude people they would call until 11 at night saying that if i didn't pay it, it was going on my credit report. Some of the people i talked to were very kind! Others not so much I joined on the 12th of March. I repeatedly talk to my sponor via instant message and e-mail and even phone. when i told her i wanted to cancel on the 20th which was 8 days later she never once said by the 25th. I had actually called the company itself to cancel. Like i said i called everytime after I faxed the letter to make sure they got it on the 24th almost 7 times. I have heard people saying that oh they did you a favor by letting you fax it. but obviously it didn't do me any good because 6 hours later and 10 dollars out the letters never got there. I also mailed about 3 letters! not even days apart from each other. The only one they got was the registered one I sent and paid 5 dollars to send it! So yes there was a few really kind service people and i told them they were for trying to help! But the harrasing phone calls and a 18 dollar debt collection later I think was over the limit. More power to you if you love the Company or been with them for years! i am not saying everyone who work with them are bad just they do have some very rude people who have no respect for honest mistakes.So before you respond about how i didn't take the time to be nice or i should have thanked people for trying to help, know the situation. and everyone has different experiences and that is what this site is for to list the good and the Bad and mine was one of the bad. You want to respond being rude go ahead! because if you want to help delete it from my credit report i still have all the paper work and who i talked to filed in my office.I even have smilies written by the people who were nice and tried to help i have written the names of representatives that called at like i said 11 at night using threats about my credit report trying to get me to pay it. So if you want to look at me file go ahead. But don't respond saying it was my fault when all you heard was just the events i went through with the situation! I actually spent more trying to cancel than what they charged on my credit report. I am not some Irrate Crazy lunatic who just wants to down a company. wrote my experience and how it happen. If you want to stick up for the company thats okay but let people write the good or bad reviews without the whole "justice legue ordeal."it is our right to write our experiences and there is a bad side to every company!
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Michelle, who started this discussion, anyone can put anything, whether it be true or false, on the internet just like you did. The best way to research any company is to pick up YOUR telephone and call the Better Business Bureau, the Chamber of Commerce and the State Attorney General's Office. If I had paid attention only to what I found on the internet, I would not be making the money I am making now. My spouse, who is law enforcement, did research, called the BBB and told me to call my friend back. The rest is history. Glad I didn't rely on the internet.
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Wish I had of read this before joining

Went through the presentation, everythig seemed ok. My rep called me immediately after and I signed up. Then she hit me with I have to place an oreder before 8/08 or my back up order will be shipped. "What back-up" order. I then realized this is *** and...
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You are a Melaleuca representative you lying punk! your product is as good as anyones, but the practices of this company are unreal! you are a bunch of lyers just like the Mormons

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Melaleuca Membership
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Pushy Rep

I got a call from a neighbor who got me over to her house on a false pretense (to help with a block party) and then sat there and pressured me for OVER an hour to buy Melaleuca products AND to work for her since then she'd get a percentage of my sales. She was the...
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Go to the CDC's website, then tell me the products you are putting on your babies aren't cancerous. They will tell you ingredient by ingredient what the affects are.

Educate yourself please, those are your children. Look into the company via screw your neighbor!

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Stay away from Melaleuca!

I have been a customer of Melaleuca for 15-20 yrs. and now that my children are grown no longer need their products. I have spent 5 months trying to cancel my account with them. I cancelled my charge card to stop them, spoke with numerous representatives (who assured me everything was fine) and sent a number of letters yet they continued to send me packages. They have sent me numerous letters and repeatedly called my home for payment of these packages that had been sent back. I spoke with someone this evening about it again and he informed me that I owe them for the UPS charge for the package I sent back last. I explained that the account was cancelled months ago, that just weeks ago a representative told me the package was sent by mistake and would I be so kind to send it back. Which I did and I was not asking them for reimbursement of the postage. He then informed me that if I didn't pay for the UPS charge that they would continue to harass me by calling constantly. Do Not Do Business With This Company!
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I have been a Melaleuca preferred customer and distributor now for almost 15 years -- after being hit and seriously injured by a drunk driver caused BOTH airbags to explode, a myriad of chemicals to be released into my car and subsequently into my lungs, and numerous resulting allergies that make it impossible for me to use most of the chemicals sold in the grocery stores.

If you use the cleaning products the CORRECT way, they last a very long time. I have done laundry with Melaleuca laundry products and gotten stains out that would not come out any other way. The first time I washed a "clean" load of wash in Melaleuca laundry detergent, you would not have believed the dirt that was left behind by the retail garbage.

The thing I seem to notice here by complainants is that you DO NOT have to have the "AUTO SHIP" option and resulting "surprise" to your checking account, but as a home products company, you DO have to place an order every month, just as you would with any other similar company.

Further, I was recently extremely ill with an e-coli infection that settled into my knee, making it impossible for me to walk. The Melaleuca Vitamins are nutritionally sound, are cost effective when compared to other brands, and most of all THEY WORK.

I didn't see ANYBODY on here talk about the bonus dollars program, the skin care products, the candles, which I do find a bit overpriced, OR the men's products.

I use and talk-up these products NOT because I sell them to others -- I don't!!! I use them for myself and have been extremely happy. Membership is just 12.95 a year plus tax, plus they have many other programs as well. Their pricing structure I have found to be up front.

As far as cancellation goes, I firmly believe that had the program been presented to you properly in the first place, you would probably still be using the products. I pay $12.99 for a large bottle of laundry detergent -- 96 loads if you use it correctly, and it lasts 6 months or more!!

The people there are very helpful, BUT YOU HAVE TO GIVE THEM A CHANCE AND NOT BE RUDE AND YELL.


I have been with Melaleuca now for three months, at first I hadn't realized the monthly commitment was significant, and so it made difficulties within payments going into my bank and when they should come out, I should have been told about it first, being ignorant as I am, I didn't read the fine print before signing up. So anyhow, alone the first month I felt stuck, but soon enough I now have people who purchase from me, thinking about getting an account once they try the products, they ask how they can make money from it if they are buying them, might as well sell them!!, Its going to pay for itself and then some.

Every Melaleuca product I have in my home so far, they are my favorites of their class available, I feel terrible if I'm in a grocery store and buy out of convenience!, knowing I'm not getting the same quality lol , Feeling this way makes it easy for me to advocate 100% Satisfied, and honestly proud of bringing it to others so they can experience the same.

I Love Sustain Sport!

Kicks off my every work day at the factory with a healthy energy boost !!! sincerely



If you are a member of Melaleuca and want to cancel your membership, all you have to do is send Melaleuca a letter stating you want to cancel your membership. If you have ordered product then you are responsible to pay for it but then you can cancel, through the mail with a letter stating why and they will cancel your membership.

Melaleuca is not run by shady people, they are honest, helpful and above reproach. You need to take time and read about the products to know if they would be of benefit to you and your family. I could not imagine my life without Melaleuca products..they are the best, many are patented, they work and they are safe. Don't be afraid to call and ask questions.

They want you to satisfied with your purchase and will do just about anything to make you happy. No product is perfect but I can say with no doubt that Melaleuca products are the closest to being perfect..THEY WORK!!!!


I believe this to be a "planted" comment too from someone who thinks they can sabotage a great and very ethical company. We have used the products since 1995 and have been very satisfied.

I would not hesitate to recommend the products to anyone. People do need to pay attention to what they are signing up for though, and should be able to rely on the person signing them up for questions or concerns.

The comment about not needing the products since the kids are grown is funny to me. We will always be very happy customers.


i dont sign, no way


This is exactly why NOBODY should waste their money and time with this company!

Here I am, in a battle to get my refund back for a Value pack return for $214, their constant lying and shady way to do things is beyond words.

I have to file for a chargeback and fight it until getting my money back, so here it goes, more and more days until I could see my money back.

I REGRET 100% doing business with this scammers!


I find it both an eye opener and very interesting how you supporters want to attack someone who has had a bad experience, and resort to personal attacks, name calling and insults. I was looking for something bad about Shaklee and just find support for the products instead. I will stay away FAR away from your company.


I too was a preferred customer and could not wrap a warm fuzzy feeling about my experience. I won't go into details. I just cancelled my membership.


Melaleuca rocks! They have created products that are safer for our environment, safer for our families and actually work!

I have personally seen hundreds of families helped both financially and physically. Shame on you people who are dissing a company that does nothng but enhance peoples lives just like their mission statement says.


Sometimes you can just smell planted comments. Those claiming to be long-time customers of Melaleuca who tried for months to cancel the agreement are from competitors who are trying to disparage the company.

Don't believe them.

Anyone with half a brain and a stamp can cancel their agreement. Melaleuca is an honest and forthright company.

Their customer service is the best there is. Don't let planted lies stop you from finding out for yourself.

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They wont let you cancel once you joined and still try to charge!!

I heard about this work from home bussiness from a friend so i thought i would give it a shot. Two weeks after i joined i found out it was pratically a scam!!You have to sign so many people and have them buy so much inproducts to get what they supposedly make on a...
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Melaleuca's products are good but your upline will drive you nuts at least that was my experince as a member

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Overland Park, Kansas
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Never refunded money

Melaleuca's promises to refund money on any purchases made within 60 days. I joined and found that some of the product was unusable and some didn't work as promised. I returned a large amount of merchandise and was promised a refund on part of it and they would get back to me on the rest of it. The small refund barely covered my return postage. I have never received the small refund; never heard anymore on the rest of the items; and have yet to hear back on any of my emails to the company. Good luck to anyone dealing with them.
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Have been with this great company for nearly 20 years. The products are exceptional, safer and better than any others on the market.

By choice, we have built a small business as well and have received a monthly check every month!

By comparison, it's the most honest, reliable, fair and generous company we've come across.

Highly recommend giving it a try, to better your health and financial situation.

With the economy the way it is, with no promise as to when it will get better ~ everyone needs a "Plan B" to supplement or create income for themselves and their families!



I closed my account with this company in October/2007 afterreturning closed boxes of UNWNATED and UNREQUESTED merchandise. Up to this day I have not been refunded for the moneys I paid.

They keep sending me letters stating that I have a “credit” with them, but no money is sent to me. When I called again today, the lady told me that I have a 94.00 credit, which is way below what these thieves took from my credit card and, said she, that every time they send me a “reminder’s letter” it costs ME 10.00! This is ridiculous! This company should be investigated because they are just taking money from people.

I live in a free country where I can still buy what I need/want, where/when I want/need! If we don’t order, they send us merchandise anyway and they are in advantage because when we receive those UNWANTED PRODUCTS they have already been already paid for anyway! I was *** not to ask my bank right away not to honor any transaction with that company. Now, two years later I am still fighting to get my money back and what I hear is that my “credit” went lower because they have to send me letters that cost 10.00 each and that is taken from MY CREDIT!

THIEVES!!!!!!!!!!!! That is what Melaleuca is! Nothing but a bunch of liars and THIEVES!!!!!!!!!

I will be happy to see them exposed on 20/20, 60 Minutes, Dateline and ALL OVER THE MEDIA!!!

I will be happy to see them CLOSED forever! I hope the Better Business Bureau will honor themselves in taking action against this DISHONEST COMPANY: MELALEUCA!!


Well, your above complaint is lacking details. Which products do you claim to not work as promised or even unusable.

Unusable? What do you mean unusable? It sounds pretty silly and you sound like another angry consumer, who probably was impatient or didn't get what they wanted and how they wanted. I'd like to point out that cancellation is done in writing.

And, if you should have a so-called problem with Melaleuca, then go to the BBB and they will help you resolve your issue. If you think they're going to jump up and do it over night, you're severely mistaken. But, who am I to speak?

After all, Melaleuca was inducted into the Better Business Bureau's (BBB) Hall of Fame. So, stop trying to discredit an honest company, who's motto is people helping people, with these false accusations.


''Work Like a Slave and Eat Like a King'' but most people dont understand that Jorge Casillas


in 3 days I become director

and earn 500.00 dlls. Really I recomend it.

If you don't work, you don't receive money

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Schaller, Iowa
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Melaleuca MOM Team WAHM.COM

3/19/2008 re: Melaleuca Inc 3910 S Yellowstone Hwy Idaho Falls, ID 83402 (208) 522-**** Hello, My name is Michele and last night I was called by a woman selling Melaleuca products. I believe this company to be a SCAM so this morning I decided to research this company....
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I have been a customer for nearly 20 years. The products are great without the cheap filler products in other consumer products.

I have found them to ba a great company with great products. My only regret is that I did'nt become a distributor back then.

Sorry for your bad experience, but don't trash a great company and products because of a incident with a rep.. Companies are made of people, and some of those people don't represent the best interests of the companies they work for.

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Tampa, Florida
Melaleuca Membership