Would not honor request of cancellation of account

I have the same complaint as I see as many other customers. Definitley verifies to me that this is what the company employees must be instructed to do. They purposely make it extremely difficult to cancel account.Yes it is very simple to sign up yet when it comes to cancelling and loss of revenue for them then it is very difficult. Their customer service is horrible not helpful in any way including supervisors, managers etc. I would not recommend becoming involved in a company which is not considerate of their valuable customers. And also do not that if not cancelled they automatically send you products you do not order and will deduct from your credit card account on file..
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I had to quit the company due to a divorce and not knowing exactly where I was going to be moving to. I found it very easy to do.

I called and they walked me through the steps needed to accomplish it and even took back some product that I had not yet used to make it better on me at that time. Since then I have rejoined the company because I really missed the great products that i could only get from them.


Beware!!! If it looks like a duck,and you all know the rest!This is a very slick pyramid sceme. Nothing more!


I have been a member of Melaleuca since 2006 and love it. You can pick a package for them to ship (in case you forget to order).

If don't have a backup order on file, they will send a certificate that you can call later and order what you want. Everyone I have ever talked with at Melaleuca have been great.


:upset :zzz :grin :eek :roll :x

Some people always have to put blame on someone or something to cover up for their own shortcomings.I've been a Melaleuca Customer for 10 years and I absolutely love the products...I could never return back to using toxic chemicals, ever. I immediately understood the concept of SWITCHING STORES to use better, safer, and concentrated products.

Not to mention...economically sensible.

I do not look at Melaleuca as another monthly bill because if I cancelled I still have clean my house, take a bath, wash my clothes,etc. As far as their customer service...I've some VERY nice and some not so nice...but who cares, bottom line, I love the products.


I needed to cancel my account due to the 35 pt orders needed each month. very easy.

download the form, fill it out and fax it in. received an email cancelation confirmation the next business day.

done. never had it so easy to do and take so little time.


Thats funny because my friend rang up and had no trouble cancelling. She found the woman she spoke to helpful and nice.


It's in the terms and conditions. You remember reading that right?

Good Point for comment #1 Anyone could cancel anybodys account. Makes complete sense to request a signiture to cancel.

Motivated Moms Rock!!!


If the written Cancelation request wasn't in place, Anybody could call in and cancel "anybody's" account and that be awful for those of us who are depending on our Melaleuca income.

Besides, if you agreed to sign an agreement to be a customer, what's the problem with signing an agreement/request to close your account?


Personally, I'm glad that Melaleuca requires you to write a letter to cancel your account. I had a customer who wanted to cancel her current backup order selections and called in to "cancel" thinking this was the correct term.

When they told her she had to sign a written request to "cancel" she called me because she didn't understand "why" she had to write a letter to place a different order. I was able to explain that she only needed to place a min.

order by the end of the month to avoid getting a "backup" order. We were both Happy.


I have been a happy Melaleuca customer for 3 years and also building a business part-time. It's not difficult to cancel your account.

If you call to cancel they probably wanted to know why and see if there is a way they can help you. Especially if you were a customer for 12 years! That's a long time.

It's pretty easy to cancel, download the cancellation form on their website, fill it out make sure to sign it and fax it in. Pretty easy.

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Washington, District Of Columbia

Melaleuca 800 ph#'s

i have read some of the complaints. i feel bad that some of you feel that way. the company is real. maybe you are upset at your enroller for not helping you. enrollers are trying to offer this as a job but they are also supposed to accept just customers as well and be happy, not everyone wants to do this as a job. melaleuca does have great products. your enroller is supposed to help you cancel your membership or at least give you these 800 ph#'s yes there are forms to fill out to cancel the comp is supposed to either fax or email to you but you can do it al lon the ph as well. anyway customer service - 800-282-**** product development 800-742-**** business development 208-522-**** technical support 888-395-****
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Bayonne, New Jersey
Melaleuca Membership
New Reviewer

Company refuses to cancell my monthly order

They refuse to cancel my monthly order. I have tied twice they say they can't cancel by phone. They say I have to fill out a form. They did not e-mail me the so called "form." Now they say they will snail mail me a from to fill out to cancel. Why can't it be done by phone? I will be contacting the BBB and the Attorney general. I spoke to customer service twice. My opinion, they hope you just give up. I strongly advise against singing up for a automatic ship program. Also I feel the product is way over priced.
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I was a Melaleuca customer in the past. I got to where I couldn't afford the monthly products.

I had not problem canceling my membership and now I am coming back to them. I have more contacts now and I am going to make another go of it.

I lover their products and eventhough they are more expensive they are worth the price. The old saying goes, "You get what you pay for"!


Robbgotscamed, if you enrolled by phone, you would have been told very clearly to be sure and read the customer membership agreement, which would have come in your membership kit after you enrolled. When you enrolled by phone it was a verbal agreement and it was a recorded call, which is why you didn't have to sign a form at that time. But you would have been told to read the agreements.

Anyone who enrolls by paperwork or online does have the opportunity to read the full agreement before signing. It does indicate on the paperwork that to cancel it needs to be received by Mela by the 25th of the month and it needs to be in writing.

This problem of people saying they can't cancel is usually a reflection on the person that enrolled you, not on the company. The company does their best to ensure that every customer who enrolls has been given the complete information. I also tell my customers that I will help them cancel if they need to. I am sorry for your experience but it is definitely not a reflection on the company as a whole.

Have you ever attempted to call your enroller to ask for help? I have had a customer who enrolled and apparently wanted to cancel but didn't call me and ended up frustrated... I wish she would have called me because I would have been happy to help her.


Total scam!! Stay away!!

They want you to buy $80.00 per month of very expensive products-huge shipping costs and taxes. You will go broke!!

Then they want you to get people signed up like a true MLM!!! :cry :(


I signed nothing stating I had to cancel in writing. I signed up by phone no one said anything about having to cancel in writing!


Your comment makes no sense. I don't want the product! I want to cancel the standing order.

In summary, if it is such a great company they shouldn't make it so hard to cancel. I don't have to send a written notice to cancel any other service such as television.


I have been a happy Melaleuca customer and business builder for almost 3 years. It's quite simple to cancel and the form can be found on the Melaleuca website.

The reason they have the form is so they get the correct information in order to cancel your account. There may be more than one Jane Smith for example right? It's pretty easy to do.

If you need help contact your enroller he/she can help you. your enroller is the person who referred you and helped you set up your membership.


As it clearly states in your customer materials that you received when you signed up: there's a form that Melaleuca use to cancel memberships. From a legal perspective, they get everything in writing and cover their bases - a solid business practice!

Talk to the person who helped you become a preferred customer.

They'll have the form to help you cancel your account and they or you can fax it in. Done.


I know that you have to send in a written notification to cancel your order. I know they cannot do it by phone, but in all honesty you cannot get angry about that.

It's not different than you cannot go into a coffee shop get you coffee than pay for it tomorrow.

Some businesses have specific protocol for how they operate. If you aren't going to follow what they tell you, you cannot get angry at them for it.


Hi, I was a marketing executive for Melaleuca and still use and love their products. Just to answer your dilemma, I think if you just send them a letter in writing, that should qualify them to cancel your monthly order. Let me know how you make out

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Nampa, Idaho

Melaluca nightmare, overcharged and disaster to un-enroll

Avoid this company. I enrolled on advice of friend, found products not nearly as beneficial as advertised nor do I use enough to keep paying "minimum order fee". After a few months I tried to un-enroll, what a disaster. Three months later and they're still billing...
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Dont take any advice from an ex-convict.

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Trenton, New Jersey

My experience with Melaleuca vitamins

I love the products I have tried and will be glad to tell you what I think and how they worked for me. I am 62 and my mother( also a member ) is 85. She says she would do with out food before she would give up her products. I am the kind ...that have to find out for my self if it really works always looking for the things not to work. I have not found fault yet. I have even removered Tar from my top in 2002, which I still am amazed about. I can not live with out my vitamins and I have tried many kinds over the years and these are the only ones that ever worked for me.
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I am with you two, I have never taken a vitamin that gives me a noticeable difference until I tried Melaleuca's Vitamins. I will be a customer for life.


I agree...I love the vitamins! I have never found any that work for me except those with Melaeuca.

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Boise, Idaho
New Reviewer


it is next to impossible to cancel your membership...and they will continue to send you product and bill you!! even after several attempts to cancel your membership. I have tried to call and cancel and they say that they have the paperwork and ...just like magic I get...
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I had to add one more comment....all the reviews I've read about Melaleuca charging your cards each month after cancellation....just a suggestion which I may be following myself if my package never arrives or have issues each month with shipping...Why not cancel your card and be issued a new one that way no more charges....just a suggestion....:)

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Rogers, Minnesota
Melaleuca Membership
New Reviewer

Melaleuca, Not what I expected!!!

I am sure there are some good benefits to using Melaleuca, but the good didn't out way the bad in my situation. First off, I do not spend $50-$75 a month on personal and cleaning products. They wanted me to commit to an amount like that and it was not feasible for me...
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How is "color me green" working out?

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Coal Township, Pennsylvania

Melaleuca sucks

They try to scare you by saying that every other product causes cancer. The sales people are set up the same as Amway (multi-level marketing). They are pushy and wont leave you alone. Overpriced products that did not impress me at all. I much prefer the other all...
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My wife is a member of this sham company. When she dies these *** criminals are done with me

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Shelton, Washington


I totally agree with previous customers about this website. I thought it was a lot like avon, boy was I wrong! One can't even purchase items without selling it! That's Bull____!! I was first turned on by a friend's mother, the product is wonderful but I can't seem to get her to order me enough or what I want so I thought i'd skip the middle person and do it myself but I don't have time nor the desire to sell this!! What a crock! You should be able to buy it like others.
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To those who use their products, I know they are healthier than buying the toxic stuff from the store.... but have you REALLY researched the price difference?

Is safety worth the extra price?

I can go to the seed store and buy a bag of seeds for a buck and plant them. I have food... Same thing with MELAELUCA... They get their raw materials from plants that grow FREE....why must the consumer pay a higher premium for safe items?

Get real. They sugar coat the bottom line...you WILL pay...and pay dearly


There is a problem I have with the company. I was told point blank that a customer can give up all they want to, but MELAELUCA still has the customers credit card information and will STILL charge them and send them merchandise whether they want it or not!

For those who are thinking of quitting this place, you better cancel your credit card!!!


I've been a Melaleuca customer for years and have never had any problem ever!Their products are very high quality and consistently better value than the toxic stuff in the store.All I have to say to you Anonymous is you are a Totally Clueless ***.It's idiots like you that degrade genuine consumer watchdog sites and render them useless.


In response to your anger, you can sign up to be just a customer and receive discounted prices. You do not have to sell the product in order to get it.

I would more than happy to explain/help better inform you about the company because I feel that the person that did it for you really ruined your experience. Melaleuca has done alot for people from just using products as well as keeping them employed while the rest of the world seems to be barely hanging on. I think that you do have the right to be angry, but please make sure you are well informed befor you post something that is not accurate.

If you would like to learn more about Melaleuca and/ or have questions please email me and I would love to clarify for you. Tinachris22@***.com

Thank you!


Having been a very happy Melaleuca customer for 18 years, let me clear some of this up.

1. About 80-90% of Melaleuca customers are just consumers of the products, just switching stores to safer, better-working products that cost less to use per use than store brands (I've seen about 35% cheaper than "Big Box" stores). They can order direct at regular prices or, if they commit to switch about $60 of their monthly shopping to these consumable products that they are buying somewhere else anyway, they can be a Preferred Customer and receive a 30-40% discount, plus discounts on services people also use all the time - phone, travel, health, vehicle and mortgage savings, home security, identity protection, etc. Customers shop from a catalog by phone or online. Their products out-perform others I have used. And when it comes to having chemicals out of the home and getting supplements that you can really feel, the quality is unparalleled. I trust this manufacturer to research heavily what they put on the market. They've been green for 25 years.

2. The rest of the customers merely refer others to Melaleuca and the company pays them a monthly commission from their monthly customers' purchases. Word-of-mouth advertising. They are called marketing executives, but are not distributors. They don't stock products, buy inventory, sell products (just memberships), or take orders, deliver or take money or do bookkeeping. Melaleuca does it all. There is no stockpiling or buying huge amounts to make quotas; in fact, Marketing Executives don't earn volume or commission on their own shopping orders. They are not a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company. They are a Consumer-Direct Marketing company, which Melaleuca pioneered. And their compensation plan is very generous - blows other companies' out of the water.

3. Here's the kind of ethics this company has from the top down: In 2009, Melaleuca was the only direct-selling company that made a profit. When asked what his secret was, the President, Frank VanderSloot, as keynote speaker at the annual Direct Selling Association's convention, answered it is that they are not willing for even one person to get hurt in Melaleuca. He has also stood up to Proctor and Gamble to stop making such a caustic dishwasher compound and told another manufacturer, who offered him a $3 drink product that another distributor was selling for $40 a bottle, to take a hike saying, "We don't do business that way." He serves on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Melaleuca has been awarded the top Blue Torch award by the Better Business Bureau, along with many other awards that you can see at www.melaleuca.com/awards

These are reasons why I stay with this company, plus I love their products and I get paid to recommend a good thing. The grocery stores don't reward me for that.

And there is no risk to try it - a 4 month trial membership period and 60-day 100% refund on all their products. They also give you an extra $100 over 5 months to try new things. Duh, it's a no-brainer. I've never seen anything like it. To the skeptics I just say, "Just gotta try it for yourself."


My wife and I have been using their products for about a year now. I personally think the products are generally pretty good, with the exception of the cleaners.

My problem with the company is that you have to purchase a minimum monthly amount or pay a membership fee. I think that is a pathetic way to do business.


Not sure what this anonymous person is claiming. One can be either a consumer member or a marketing executive.

If a consumer one does not need to sell to others, just is able to purchase at discounted rate.

This is either mal-informed or a somebody trying to give a bad rep to a great company for whatever personal reason. ( perhaps a competition)


This right. I talked to rep a few months ago and probably will sign up myself in a few weeks.

Signing up as a customer gives you a discount, but to sign up as a distributor gives you a deep discount.

Hope this helps. The products are great, but they go through their distributors rather than a web store.


You can sign up strictly as a customer, there is no requirement for a customer to sell.

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Rockaway Beach, Missouri
New Reviewer

Do not get involved with them!!!!

At 3pm on 10/23, I went to hear a talk about this company.I was told that there was "no pressure" and I could cancel "anytime", but sign up now for $1 until the end of the month (see Facebook page on Co.). I decided it wasn't for me, called and cancelled on 10/31. A few days later,I was getting calls that my credit card would not go through.The young man I spoke to was extremely rude(I would have been fired for speaking to a person that way),told me my order was not placed by the 25th of the month,(which we were told would start in Nov.), I called this person who had done the talk to cancel many times,never returned my calls,did not receive my "cancellation papers" until 11/10 and the box of stuff they send you each month if you don't sell enough was postmarked 11/14.I sent it back,at my expense,and they now have taken the money out for their shipping on 12/7. It's a rip-off, a scam, and they don't care.There are no toll-free numbers to call, except for orders, and there is no way to cancel except to send them a form or fax it to them.Three people were there, this happened to all three. I have a feeling this has happened to alot of people, this company should be ashamed of themselves.
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I have been enrolled with Melaleuca as a customer for 14 years. Over that time I have had customers cancel.

Never a problem. Fax in a letter cancelling your membership and thus no autos hip anymore. Must be done before the 15th of te month in order to cancel for current month otherwise it happens the next month.

Sadly by enrol long you lose the advantage of getting and using superior safer and environmentally safe products. R


Kyle, you got the right answer. There are a team of people monitoring sites like this one, and beyond to keep people from knowing the truth. It's effective, but pathetic.


Thank you, Kyle!! I appreciate someone who sees exactly what I do!

You made my day!! (Especially the comment about the person who "knew me" and I took all these companies to court, etc.) Thank you again!!


This is too funny. It seems like Maelaluca have a dedicated team of people who monitor sites like this to attempt to discredit anyone who posts a complaint about this MLM scam (lol at the person claiming to know Deb from a simple post and a first name).

If that doesn't work they try to obfuscate the argument by talking about how great the products are or claiming the person just talked to one bad representative. If it was just one bad one and there really are thousands of good ones, why in the world would there be hundreds of complaints like this all over the web? Furthermore, if the products are so wonderful why don't they just sell them in a store like everyone else? Why does it have to have the aspect of "signing up your friends and family"?

Until it drops that aspect and the shady auto charges to your credit card it will never be more than what it is: a multi-level marketing scam.

Avoid these things at all costs, people.

Cue the posts saying "I used to work with Kyle and he is an embezzler" or something. LOL.


So in all actuality, this is a case of a single bad sales person - out of thousands and thousands of decent ones.

The complaint is equivalent to getting a bad waitress at Outback and flaring arms around in the air shouting "Don't eat at outback - it's a scam!!!"

If you want to make a difference here, expose the sales rep. What's their name? Melaleuca won't put up with people doing that. They have a great reputation and won't allow activity like that.


Ok, maybe I didn't make my complaint CLEAR enough, and please I don't need any more written informercials telling me how wonderful the products are, they cured something the doctors couldn't, and how much money I can make. Excuse the caps, but some people only read what they want too!

MY POINT...was that I went to a friends house at 3pm on Sat. Oct. 23, 2010, for a "job". I sat through a vague presentation, about selling the products, how they were better for you, the environment, etc.

I was also told that if I signed up BEFORE the end of the month, which they said was the next weekend, Oct. 31st., it would only be a dollar. I said that I would check with my daughter and see if this was something we could do together. The presenter was from a nearby state, and he said to me, "I won't be back here by the end of the month, so let me take your information down, and that way I will have it." I gave it to him, ordered NO products, took an catalog which was expired, signed the papers and gave it back to him.

AT THAT POINT, I had made it perfectly clear to him that I could not do this without my daughter, and would get back to him. I talked to my daughter that night, and since she works in a hospital as an ICU nurse, the hospital policy is that there is to be NO selling of any kind, no catalogs to order from, etc., in the hospital, or you could lose your job. Makes sense to me. I CALLED and CALLED the presenter, he never returned my calls, because as I subsequently found out, he had put my application in, with no order, on Monday, Oct.

25th, 2010, so that apparently HE could make his money. I had asked him and ask him, and he had said, "No this won't start until November." Flat out lied. On another note, How many people have faxes in their homes?? I had Sat.

night, Sunday, and the order was due Monday...that is IF I had agreed to this. Yes, I did sign the paper, but I signed the paper that my INFORMATION was correct, after I signed it, in retrospect, he did check some things on there, and yes, I should have asked what he was checking. He MADE money on me, and I LOST money because Melaleuca took the money out of my account for the box of stuff they sent me. I paid to ship it back (unopened), they had the cancellation papers already, but still shipped it, and then took out more money for their shipping fees.

You have to mail/fax the cancellation to Idaho, but the package came from Virginia. I had to empty my bank account so that money was not continuosly taken out from them.

At least I wrote my name on this post, and do not call people rude names or act like they are idiots. You have no idea how your rants are just proving that the people who complain on here have some justification to their complaints.


I am a memeber if Melalueca, i only had one problem with the shipping and they took care of it with no questions asked. Sometimes we need to check our self. How was my attitude when i was talking to the representative, maybe the person that signed me up told me and i forgot the date etc....


Karen, are you talking about me? The "Deb" who wrote the post?

Please let me know, because I would like to report you to this site, and swear on my husband's grave, that I do not know you, never have known you, and don't care to ever know you. I didn't realize that my putting my real name on here, which most people don't, would lead to this. I also didn't realize that I was the only "Deb" in the entire world!!

I'll have to tell all the other "Deb"s in the world that they can't use that name anymore...it's all mine. lol!!!


Deb used to be a friend of mine.... until she tried to get me to join her in complaining about several companies in an effort to get paid off in exchange for not filing court cases.

She said companies with "deep pockets" will pay you off rather than "waste time" dealing you. I don't choose to live my life like that!


I went to a meeting/presentation for Melaleuca this evening 12/22 and everything really seemed to be good. I know a few people that swear by the vitamins and fiber products. One of my girlfriends brothers made 904$ last month she told me. With that being said..

I must admit, after reading all these posts im a tad bit skeptical in regards to whether or not i'd like to get involved with Melaleuca. I work in customer service for a large corporate company now and i can say yes, we alll have our bad days. However that doesn't excuse being rude or nasty over the phone. Although it's one of the easiest fields to get into, it's definitely not for everyone.

As of right now i think i will remain a skeptic and wait to see how others of my friend and colleagues are doing with it before jumping into something i'm not 100% on. I appreciate all the opinions, and they certainly will help me out. :?

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
New Reviewer

Melaleuca. Horrible nothing but a scam

Thought we were geting ourself into some good products and an honest company. This company does nothing but scam you. Once you cancel your membership they make stories up saying that your membership was not cancelled and they keep sending out monthly orders. When I got an email saying my membership was cancelled. They keep charging my credit card every month and I told them five times i have the email they sent me and the tracking numbers saying our monthly orders were receieved to them and signed off. Don't waste your time on melaleuca it's awful and it's a scam.
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I came across this website due to a close friend I was trying to enroll. He read all of these comments.

Heres my two sense. Everyone has the right to express, complain and so on.The bottom line, this is a business like anything else. I work full time and explored all other opportunities out there where I can create a part time business and have an additional stream of income. I have done real estate and construction.

Nothing wrong with either one but a lot of fees. Where else can you start a business under $300.00 or not even, become a customer and enjoy great products. Obviously for all the nay sayers this is a bad deal. Not really, if you want to run a strong legitimate business with no overhead, no capital and dont worry about liabilty insurance this is your chance.

This is not a get rich job, it takes time and patience. I dont know where Im going with this that I am writing but guys, seriously either you have a bad team leader, or your with a MLM which Melaleuca is not, believe it or not cause this is not a business model that "First one in Wins and Last one in Loses" Everyone starts off on the same page. Look, with gas prices squeezing our pockets, crazy economy and loss of jobs, the sky is your limit. You make what you want and how you want.

Go @ your own pace. Theres no pressure, again if you have been pressured shame on the enroller. I dont let anyone push me around and neither should you. Sucks some have had a bad experience but re evaluate your goals and re consider.

Theres never gonna be companies out there that are gonna give you that one shot pot of gold, but you can go after it and create it. Im rambling on while sitting on break @ my full time job.

Hope to hear some feedback.If my spelling is not correct, I apologize due to writing fast. Take care guys


This company has been a blessing to the lives of thousands of its customers. IT has been a godsend to our whole family. It has an A rating with the BBB. We have over 1000 customers in our organization who have been happy customers for over 20 years and close to half of them are getting checks from Melaleuca. The company resolves all their customer issues when you work with them. We are different than your local store. To get our products at 30-40% off retail price we agree to purchase a minimum order each month and we can fax in a change from preferred customer to direct customer by the 25th of each month. Simple. If our customers are not taught that by those who introduced them to the company, it is not the company's fault.

My job as an enroller is to make sure every one is happy with the company. Contact your enroller folks and they should be making sure you are taken care of if you want to quit the business. This company has helped people financially like none other. Just for switching stores and telling others to do the same, you can get your products each month for free, make car payments, make mortgage payments, build a retirement income. WHERE ELSE CAN YOU DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a fabulous company! PERIOD!! If the company is in the wrong, it will always make it right. The customer usually did not do something that was in the statement of policies like notify by the 25th of the month that they wanted to terminate. A call will not do, it has to be a paper document faxed or sent. See that is the enrollers fault if

that information is not given to a new customer. If any of these folks were my enrollees I would be with them and personally make sure they were taken care by the company. THAT IS MY RESPONSIBILITY AS AN ENROLLER!!The enroller signs them in and should be right there to take care of any issues!


It's a scam folks. I joined them in the mid 90's.

Tried pitching their stuff, failed and tried to quit. I was verbally beaten but sponsor, his sponsor and so on. After three or four more shipments after calling to cancel again and again and again, I closed the credit card, switched banks and that's when the mess finally ended. I still have a 4 1/2 gallons of laundry soap that didn't work, 3 large bottles of pine cleaning floor soap that stained by floors, a case of first aid cream and several bottles of hand soap that no one liked the smell of.

And this was from 1994-5 period, how much soap did can a single guy actually use. I fell for the lies.

Scam, scam scam.

Treat this company like Aids, avoid them at all costs.


One thing you can do, if money is being taken out of your account from a credit card or debit card, you can cancel that card and get a new one with a different number. I have done that with a company that did the same thing you say Melaleuca did to you. 8)


I was a member of Melaleuca for almost 3 years. I decided to cancel my membership with them.

I had no problem at all.

They were polite and courteous, and didn't try to change my mind. I have no complaints about them at all.


I am not the same person as melaleuca123, just to clarify. signed up with the co.

on 10.13.10.

I suspect that all of the wonderful reviews are written by the same group of people, do you agree with that? I was responding to the original complaint above, not the comment #9.


I didn't have any problems canceling my account with Melaleuca. I anticipate they are not making anything up, but possibly there truly was a problem.

In my experience they try to fix whatever issues someone has, at least that's how they always were with me.

I anticipate that Melaleuca123 and Deb are the same person based on their writing style and timing of their complaint. and similar complaints.

Either way, Melaleuca is a great company to work with with really great customer service in my opinion. Give them a call and they'll probably make things right very quickly.



The company is doing the exact same thing to me, taking money out of my account, after I have cancelled. We have bank statements that show this, and you have nothing but to call someone "retarded"?

A Billion dollar company?

I must have missed that somewhere. Please get your facts straight and try to not be offensive in your language.



The company did the same thing to me! We have proof, obviously, bank statements, etc., and you are so rude, you call someone "retarded"?

And, you work for this company? I rest my case!


Taking money from your account after you cancelled would be theft. If you think a billion dollar company is going to risk federal charges over 70 bucks...

Your pretty retarded.

There are over 800,000 people who shop every month. If you can't wrap your head around it, go back to costco.

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New York, New York
Melaleuca Membership

Cured my periodontal problems

I had pockets that were sixes and eights in all four quadrants of my mouth. I was ready for surgery on my gums. My sister, who is eight years younger than me, had surgery on her gums twice. Melaleuca's dental products kill the germs that cause plaque and develop into serious gum disease. I never had to do the surgery. My pockets are all twos and threes. I didn't regain any of the bone loss I had experienced, but it stopped everything cold. I am so grateful to Melaleuca for developing such extraordinary products. I would highly reccomend these products to anyone. JF
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Also, how long did you use the product before you experienced improvements.


Which products did you use

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Astoria, New York
New Reviewer

Melaleuca is a legitimate opportunity and it's EASY to cancel if it's not for you!!

I responded to an ad on craigslist regarding an opportunity to work with a green company and make a significant income. I talked with a wonderful lady who was looking for "business partners" in the northern virginia area to work with her daughter in spreading the word about Melaleuca in the DC metro area. At first I was attracted because they seem to have a great reputation and great products. Who doesn't like saving money and using great stuff that's better for the environment to boot? So in my excitement I enrolled to be a Preferred Member and a Marketing Executive. But 24 hours later after doing some more thinking and research, I decided that the direct selling industry is not for me. In order to be successful you have to SELL people on changing their buying habits. People who see phenomenal success in opportunities like this are phenomenal SALESPEOPLE. That's why most people fail - they are not sales people - they don't have the crucial skills needed to succeed. That's what leads some people to most negative reviews online - they came in contact with a poorly skilled rep. So I recognized that sales is not for me and 24 hours after enrolling decided to cancel. IT WAS SO EASY TO CANCEL! All I did was go to the site and looked at FAQ to see how to downgrade my status from preferred customer to Direct customer. Direct means I'm not locked into buying something every month. They gave me a link to a form which I download, printed and filled out according to the instructions. I then faxed in this form and 30 minutes later I got this email: "We have received your letter requesting the cancellation of your Preferred Customer account with Melaleuca. Your account is cancelled as of 11/11/10." "We appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you. You may continue to order Melaleuca's wellness products at regular prices. It has been a pleasure having you as a member of the Melaleuca Family." SO FREAKING EASY!! Any body who claims that Mealeuca will not let them cancel has not read the instructions!!!!! Stop blaming the company for your incompetence!!! And if you're considering Melaleuca for the business opportunity aspect, remember that in order to succeed you have to know how to SELL!! You have to be a SALESPERSON just like a car salesman or a real estate sales person or a telemarketer. If you're not comfortable SELLING or learning how to SELL then you won't make big money.
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Thanks for this post! I think it was very well stated.


@ Un Happy, The company is not a scam. The rep you worked with may have been a scammer, but Melaleuca is a legitimate company.

A scam is when someone deliberately deprives you have something through deceit. A scammer's intention is to lie to you and take your money through those lies.

Melaleuca is very transparent about their whole process and they don't lie to you. I think you came across a bad rep.


I am still waiting on a refund from the company since September. The company does give you the run around and NO customer service.

I HATE this company and the person who signed me up and LIED about the products.

Way to expensive and are not GOOD. It is a scam beware


When I went to cancel my account it was very easy to do. I don't know what you did wrong, but they made it very easy for me.


I find you ease at cancelling/downgrading your account a little hard to believe. I was on the phone twice within a week for 45 mins.

each time trying to cancel.

I also filled out the form and have never received a confirmation that they received it. :eek


Thanks for posting this!! I am a Melaleuca rep & there are so many companies out there that have such a bad reputation that sometimes it's very hard to battle those preconceived notions.

It's nice to see a positive post from someone who truly took the time to understand how things work instead of just jumping out there to complain like most do. It's amazing how easy it can be if you just follow a couple of steps.


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Melaleuca was worth the time I used for it

Recently sat through a information meeting about Melaleuca, I decided to try these products, it made sense because I was using already them from somewhere else. Got my new products fast in 3 days and so far have tried at least 10 out of the box that came and like them better than what I was using before. The person who intorduced me was kind and soft spoken. I did not feel any pressure to try anything. If the rest of these products work as well as the ones I have tried I will be a life long customer unless they raise prices to much. Lots more to try and looking forward to it!
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Prior Lake, Minnesota
Melaleuca Customer Care
New Reviewer

They have the kindest, most respectful customer service representatives

I inadvertently ordered the wrong shampoo when shopping for my monthly products with Melaleuca and even though it was my mistake - I still figured I'd 'give-it-a-try' and call the toll free customer service line to see what they'd say. I was just blown away by the way they treated me - so kind and respectful - no issues whatsoever--!! At the end of the conversation I commented to the woman how consumer friendly Melaleuca was and she said "We appreciate you so much for shopping with us". I think some of the other companies out there could take a lesson from Melaleuca. No wonder they've been around so long.
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I agree with you. I've had similar a experience and they couldn't have been any easier to deal with!

Actually, I've wondered how Melaleuca finds so many polite, kind and actually helpful people to work in customer service.

If I ever have a question I don't hesitate to call since Melaleuca has people like this on board. :)

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Boston, Massachusetts