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I cancelled my service and sent the package back and still did not receive my money back. The next month they took another 117.65 out of my account after I had previously cancelled my entire account and still will not return my money after numerous emails and phone calls. So i am out all of this money, no products and I AM A VERY PISSED OFF single mother that has no help and they have taken over 300 dollars away from my children. I have... Read more

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The shipping and monthly minimum is ridiculous. We were spending money just to meet the minimum. Saving money? It's false. It's purely false. Too bad that we weren't warned about the shipping when we originally signed up. Such a waste of money.

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I don’t believe that Melaleuca produces (manufactures) their own products, I don’t believe there is a machine making tooth paste, I don’t believe there is a machine that make soap. From what I read on the labels, I have found only 1 (one) product that sates: Manufactured by Melaleuca”, and that product is Sol-u-Guard. Many other products state “Distributed by Melaleuca”. To me “distributed by and manufactured by: are 2 different things.... Read more

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No 1 shower cleaner is not for mould or mildew....spray nd wipe does not kill mould etc need mould cleaner when buying from the of course you need to buy the stronger products from melaleuca and you would have found it worked great...mela magic or better still solumel can even clean ovens with no gloves on. No 2 you have to scrub to get soap off glass in shower if using tub nd tile and leave it on for a bit but better still use... Read more

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Must pay a fee to earn the right to purchase from them, You must spend a monthly minimum to maintain membership, Or If you don't place your monthly order they will send an order to you anyway rather than loose an open wallet. My presenter was constantly comparing the company to a grocery store but better because we pay you if you refer a new customer. (I say worse because I don't have to pay a fee to buy groceries and if I forget to shop the... Read more

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People that *** about a minimum monthly commitment, are simply "dumb" If one is not prepared to make a minor commitment to Wellness, which is what the company is all about, then stick with the corporate "poisoners" Pay for all the advertising, reminding to buy, buy, buy, and tack the costs of ads onto the products. Pay for the retail stores, pay for the regional distribution companies, pay for the wholesaler, the jobber etc. Pay for... Read more

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I have been involved with Melaleuca for two months now and have nothing but great things to say. When presented the information it was a no-brainer for our family to sign up as a customer. Love the products and love the service. In addition, I was shown the business side of Melaleuca. At first my wife and I were hesitant, but nobody put any pressure on us at all. We decided to give it a try even though we are very busy and were just having our... Read more

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Hi my name is faye tillman my phone number is 3172135737 I would like to cancel out of my Melaleuca account I can't afford to pay for the back up orders it's overdrafting my bank account Thank youFaye Tillman

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I have been a customer of Melaleuca since 1989. I love their products, but at first they look expensive. So, I have done price comparisons with lots of other products. Here's what I have found, from a cost-per-use point, they are less expensive. I've notice some people saying they had a hard time dropping out and that they were stuck with stuff and lost money. To drop out you simply write a note: Dear Melaleuca, please suspend my account. ... Read more

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My disappointment continues to increase with each contact with Melaleuca. If your company is attempting to provide customers with any form of “customer satisfaction”, I haven't seen it! As I related to you on the phone on 9/2/16, my initial order was late July but not received until August 2016. I requested a reminder to order on the 16th of each month. I never received any reminders. I visited your website and attempted to put together an... Read more

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