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I have been a customer of Melaleuca since 1989. I love their products, but at first they look expensive. So, I have done price comparisons with lots of other products. Here's what I have found, from a cost-per-use point, they are less expensive. I've notice some people saying they had a hard time dropping out and that they were stuck with stuff and lost money. To drop out you simply write a note: Dear Melaleuca, please suspend my account. ... Read more

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My disappointment continues to increase with each contact with Melaleuca. If your company is attempting to provide customers with any form of “customer satisfaction”, I haven't seen it! As I related to you on the phone on 9/2/16, my initial order was late July but not received until August 2016. I requested a reminder to order on the 16th of each month. I never received any reminders. I visited your website and attempted to put together an... Read more

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i have spoke with 3 people, the 1st was telling me i had to do a bunch of paper work to cancel, so i called back and spoke with the 2nd people who was very helpful, after i told her that i was out of town and did not have access to do what all they wanted me to do. today i tried to use my bank card to find out i was over drawn, and i was charged a over draft fee, when i spoke with the 3rd person, i was told i would have to pay... Read more

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This company has many fabulous products but I cancelled my membership as I did not like having to do a compulsory monthly order and pay a yearly fee. I was a member for well over 10 years. Also found the shipping to be a little pricey. There is a lot of competition out there now for natural products and I feel Melaleuca's push for "doing a business" puts a lot of people off, myself included. Cancelling my membership was no problem at all. ... Read more

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We have shopped with Melaleuca for over 11 years now. They have given us over $1200 in freebie dollars for being a loyal customer. I have seen our family's health improve and keep finding more and more products to love. I started the business side about 3.5 years ago and that has provided our family with a stable income every single month. I have helped many customers cancel if they needed to and it was never a difficult process. I wonder where... Read more

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It's a rip off...nothing else( poor refunding just a scam)

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Did you try following the directions either online or by calling and asking a customer service rep to talk you through it? Write a note saying you want to withdraw. Sign it, date it, and put your phone number on it. Email it or take a picture of it and send it by Melaleuca Quick Send ( a free app) by the 25 th of the month so it can get processed before the end of the month and you are out! No questions or problems! I have done it many times for... Read more

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My elderly mother signed up to be a member of Melaleuca, which required she pay a monthly fee whether she gets any products or not. The "points" she receives for the monthly payment can be redeemed but only after she places a paid order of $50 or more. In April 2016, we called the company to cancel the membership (it cannot be done online unlike signing up for the membership). We were told to fill out a document, take a picture of it, and email... Read more

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I emailed Melaleuca to cancel my membership. I received a response two days later advising me that I need to call them to cancel. I called to cancel and was advised that I need to complete and sign a form to cancel. I completed, signed and emailed the form back to them same day. Then I received a phone call stating that they could not process the form because they were unsure that it was my signature. So I called in and asked to speak with a... Read more

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One of the worst companies I have EVER dealt with! They automatically send you products and bill you without you ever initiating it. I had a suspended account for a year and out of the blue they sent me a new order for $65 without me initiating it. Said they couldn't stop it. I am so sorry I ever even heard of melaleuca!!!! Very crappy business model. I am not sure how you can get out of it. Do not ever "join" melalueca would be my advice.... Read more

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