Melaleuca - Evasive about animal testing

Nov 17, 2013
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I am a Melaleuca member and I am against companies that hire monsters to test their products on animals.I have asked Melaleuca customer service if they test on animals and they avoid the question.

If you have never seen what goes on at animal testing or research labs I urge you to do your own research. Its horrendous! Seems to me that a company that claims to be so-called natural would want to clear their name but they wont answer.

I have stopped buying their *** and I only buy from companies that dont test on animals.Dont waste your money!

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Jun 18 Union, Kentucky

I asked the same question and they sent me a very detailed letter....signed by the CEO......explaining their stand on animal testing. They do NOT test on animals!

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Jun 11

This is why I'm turning to natural products. Vinegar is great for cleaning pretty much everything! Organic oils for my skin has given me a beautiful glow...I was thinking of signing up, but I rather not have a hard time in the future. Or regrets. Thanks everyone for your posts

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May 31
Pretty straight forward information.

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May 12 Columbus, Ohio

Anyone that believes the political action group PETA that has been proven to lie consistently over a credible private manufacturing company held accountable by it's customers... well, enough said.
The TRUTH is Melaleuca does not test on animals, nor have they ever. The REAL reason PETA lists them is because Melaleuca doesn't consider an animal to be on the same place of importance as a human being. If you believe some squirrel is of the same value is yoru own kids, then you too should join and believe PETA... if not, Melaleuca may be a good fit for you as they don't test but do keep we humans in proper perspective.
The more you know...

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May 04

If you bury your head and act like you don't see it does that mean it is not happening? Does he actually make unannounced visits to his labs to make sure? I doubt it.

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May 22

Wow... do you even know the laws & regulations regarding the housing & care for animal testing victims?
There is no way for any company to hide that they test on animals from the company's owner.

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May 26

Laws and regulations do not protect these animals. There are undercover videos of their treatment. Dogs being held in the air and beaten and choked because they are not cooperating with their torture. A dog was shown being shot in the head and thrown in a pile of other dead dogs because they were done with them. If you think our government protects these animals you are crazy! Do you know that our own government was doing experiments on animals in our military branches until PETA got involved and put a stop to it? Maybe you should do some research on the subject.

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May 03 Eugene, Oregon

Frank Vandersloot, the president and CEO of Melaleuca states:" Melaleuca has never tested its hair care, skin care, cosmetic or home cleaning products on animals. To do so wold be unnecessary and senseless. We would never knowinly allow any animal to suffer. Melaleuca is definitely cruelty free."
This statement is signed by Mr. Vandersloot.

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Feb 11 Auckland, Auckland

I can understand that if you are very Staunch about testing animals that it would be pretty much near impossible to ever buy any product that's an any supermarket shelf. Why because most of today's products or product ingredients have most likely at some stage been tested on animals..and that can be way back before it became a BIG Issue.
Now I say that as a Member of the BUAV (British Union Against Vivisection)
Even we understand that... And are aware of that many companies that say they are clean aren't really

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Jan 07

Thank you for the info. I like most of their products but they actually didn't supply me with their form letter about animal testing until I cancelled my account even though I had requested it over the phone and through their customer service feature on their website. Too Late! Seems customer service needs some work to keep their members signed up. Also their monthy minimums are too high for the average person. I know a lot of people who have cancelled their memberships because $60-70 a month is kind of steep. You end up ordering stuff you don't need just to make their minimums and then you have a stockpile that takes months to use up.

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Jan 07

Melaleuca Do Not test their products on animals :)

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Nov 29, 2013 Miami, Florida

Evasive? I called and asked them about it and they sent me a letter signed by the CEO stating specifically that they are against animal testing.

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Feb 06

They are on the PETA website as a company that DOES test on animals and it was just updated!!

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May 14 Denver, Colorado

I believe that it's possible the customer service team may not have been purposefully evasive, but rather didn't know the answer to the question, themselves, without having time to properly research with their supervisors. I can see how this could have been mistaken for evasiveness. The two responses would seem very similar.
Since it would ruin the good name of the Melaleuca brand for the CEO to be found lying about something as serious as animal testing, I highly doubt he would risk being found as dishonest by making a very clear statement (in writing, no less) that they do not test their products on animals, if it were not undeniably true.

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May 14

I had received their letter stating they dont test on animals. Unfortunately after several requests for answers and getting none, you tend to assume. They didn't send the letter until I cancelled my account too. Why? Shouldn't the people you hire in customer service positions know your company values? They are losing customers because they don't answer these important questions. I am one of them. I have seen animal testing and it's horrible, I don't want to knowingly contribute to it so I am very choosy about who I spend money with. If you don't believe that animal testing is torture, look it up yourself. You have to be a pretty sick person to work at an animal testing facility.

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May 17 Cape May, New Jersey

I specifically remember Frank VanderSloot explaining years ago that Melaleuca ended up on the PETA list because they had tested their dog shampoo on a dog.

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May 17

I can understand testing dog shampoo on a dog, however, testing household cleaners and such to see how it will effect pets is cruel. Also I stopped buying L'Oreal because of the nasty tests they have done on rabbits showing them with most of their hair missing and nasty pus in their eyes and on their skin. Why do we need to do this? Animal testing is against the law in the U.K. Why can't our so-called superpower government do the same?

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Aug 25 Melbourne, Victoria

Maybe you should do some research. Melaleuca had no qualms about commissioning tests on a competitors product resulting in the agonising deaths of 10 rats. Sure, they may claim they don't test THEIR products on animals, but it's ok to be cruel to animals to try and discredit a competitor. Hypocrites.

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