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I totally agree. I have been a member for 5yrs. I don't try to get people in but when my daughter moved out she could not go without signing up because she loves the deodorant, pain-atrate, laundry products and the vitamin packs. Surely for her this would cover the 35points. If I didn't believe in this company and their products would I sign up my daughter? I think not. People just don't give it a fair chance. My niece came to visit and tried the deodorant. And guess what???? She wants to be a member because she said it worked better... Read more

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The products are all great, and I liked everything I tried. I dropped my membership for a few reasons, none of which had anything to do with the quality of the products. My family is just my husband and me, and after a few months we hadn't used up enough of the products we already had, like the soap, detergents, and toiletries, to need any more. It got to the point where I was ordering lip gloss and other random stuff I didn't really want, just to meet the 35 point minimum. So, while I was certainly impressed with the products, I needed to... Read more

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While the cleaning products are amazing, I became incredibly ill while taking their Women's vitamins. I developed a severe vitamin deficiency and actually a drastic increase in specific nutrients that thinned my blood. I do have Von Willebrands disease so this may have contributed but I had never experienced this with any other vitamins. My doctor (who is a naturalist) read the bottles and insisted I "throw them away." He said the ingredients would be beneficial to a middle aged alcoholic man living somewhere near the equator. The levels of... Read more

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I tried to cancel my "orders" and "membership" for over 6 months. They refused to cancel it- saying they could not bare that I would be without their products. I finally had to cancel my bank card so they would quit charging me after I canceled. They are a horrible company in that regard and unless you want to be forced into buying stuff- stay away. I sent them letters, emails, and their cancelation form at least 4 times. Finally I had to cancel my card. They then call me and threaten that they will continue to call me until they get my... Read more

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So I joined melaleuca about 2 months ago and was decently happy with the products I had purchased. I felt they were a bit overpriced but they worked well so I was happy. Today I went to go buy some things that I needed around the house and my card declined. I had just gotten paid a few days ago so I was in shock. I hadn't done much shopping since pay day so I checked my bank account. Melaleuca had taken almost 70 dollars out of my account with out me even knowing. When I signed up I was not informed that if I didn't place an expensive enough... Read more

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I signed up with them and the rep that signed me up never tells you everything. It costs a minimum of $70 a month and if you don't order monthly they will randomly select items for you and charge you for it. Unless, you tell them a head of time what you like. They say you don't have to invest anything. That is pure b.s. $70 plus shipping is investing and it's extremely expensive. I can go to any grocery store or natural health food store and spend a lot less if I want anything. Thank God I cancelled. I asked how much the shipping was. The... Read more

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I enrolled in melaluca because I just wanted to purchase the melaluca tea tree oil. However, money was withdraw from my account and did not received any products for two months. later I get a call and was told I owe money for products never received. I cancel the membership via fax. I was harrassed to pay for products not received and for 5 months I received calls and last call was three days a go March 2016. Bottom line, I did not received anything for my one time payment of Sept 2015 and they kept the money.I was scam....Instead, I will buy... Read more

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Been nothing but excellent for our health. We love this company! You need to be aware there is a back-up order like an over draft protection for your benefits to stay in place. So many benefits to save you money. Great products for everyone in the family including the dog! Love the SKINCARE and LUXURY COSMETICS. The customer service is amazing... Plus we receive 15% back each month we shop by the 20th of the month, in free products. Check out the to see thew studies this company does. Don't believe anything you read until... Read more

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Been using your product for 3 months.... Been getting it thru my sister, but now she won't talk to me, so I'm trying to buy it myself and you won't set up an account with me.... Do you want to sell your product or don't you????.... I've got money and you don't want to sell to me.... That's a *** policy Read more

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Ive been a customer of melaleuca for 15 years. Absolutley love everything about it. Products are so healthy for you and a less exspensive than drug or grocery store brands. People that complain about having to make a monthly order just dont get it. Its all about our health and enviroment. Cheers to melaleuca !!!! Add comment

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