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I tried a "risk free" Melaleuca membership, but after reading the fine print about automatic orders, I decided not to order anything from this company. I received a call from a very rude "customer service" representative stating they were sending my order and I owed $66...I said I did not authorize this and do not want any products from this company, I was told to expect my order and 8 owed the... Read more

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Meleluca lies to you sending products that you didnt order then charge shipping and handling fee.Total theft. Read more

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Some products are good but the vitamins are not even close to the quality of Amway's Nutrilite. But customer service is bad. They are nice on the phone. But will not give you credit or work with you and expect monthly purchases and you to be a good customer. Add comment

Love this company. Melaleuca has the most amazing customer service and support. When I received an order that was missing a packet. I called to let them know, they send me another box and apologized for any inconvenience. Great products just love there vitamins. Add comment

I wrote a negative review on one their products and it is not showing on that product. In fact, I never see a negative review, so you can not trust their reviews because they seem to throw away the negative ones! Their dishwasher detergent does not always get the stains out of coffee cups or any dishes that have food stains on them. As a result I sometimes use Cascade to get the stains out in... Read more

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Hello, it's no slander. I did not get any product and canceled before my card was debited. I was only getting a cash credit toward future product. Dealing with their staff to leave me alone and stop calling and emailing me as I reversed the debit, as I did not get any automatic product delivered, and as mentioned called a day before the money was debited off my card, is not a very good service.... Read more

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Was using their products on and off for years. Called in before they regularly billed my debit card. Told them I am ending the automatic order. Did not listen to me. Billed me and gave me a credit of a little over $50 for future products. Money is "sitting" on account and reversed the debit with my bank. Now I get regular calls weekly that I owe them money. I told them I don't want the product,... Read more

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I am cancelling my account too with Mesoamerica because my order was delivered to a wrong address, and did not received it but was asked to be responsible for it. My account was held so I can not do anything and was told it was against melaleuca policy to either track a lost package or speak to UPS. I was told to call UPS and track it myself and got this information that, it was delivered to a... Read more

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I have to respond. I do like many of Melaleuca's Products. There are some that I wish they changed just a few ingredients and it would be perfect. As for so many barking about the monthly purchase or cancelation...2 things... why write a negative review when this is how the company operates. If uou want the preferred customer discount the concept is easy they want a commitment that said preferred... Read more

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I liked the products, but should not be obligated to buy every month. If the product is good it should make a profit without that nonsense. Read more

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