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Did you try following the directions either online or by calling and asking a customer service rep to talk you through it? Write a note saying you want to withdraw. Sign it, date it, and put your phone number on it. Email it or take a picture of it and send it by Melaleuca Quick Send ( a free app) by the 25 th of the month so it can get processed before the end of the month and you are out! No questions or problems! I have done it many times for... Read more

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I have been involved in 3 different MLM's in my life and all were not what they seemed. Melaleuca, is not one and the Feds have said so. I answered an ad and went to a presentation online about the company. I loved everything about. The one thing I noticed was the effectiveness of the supplements. They work and work well. The products are superior and I only have to shop at one place to get all my healthy products for my home. I do not... Read more

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My elderly mother signed up to be a member of Melaleuca, which required she pay a monthly fee whether she gets any products or not. The "points" she receives for the monthly payment can be redeemed but only after she places a paid order of $50 or more. In April 2016, we called the company to cancel the membership (it cannot be done online unlike signing up for the membership). We were told to fill out a document, take a picture of it, and email... Read more

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I emailed Melaleuca to cancel my membership. I received a response two days later advising me that I need to call them to cancel. I called to cancel and was advised that I need to complete and sign a form to cancel. I completed, signed and emailed the form back to them same day. Then I received a phone call stating that they could not process the form because they were unsure that it was my signature. So I called in and asked to speak with a... Read more

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One of the worst companies I have EVER dealt with! They automatically send you products and bill you without you ever initiating it. I had a suspended account for a year and out of the blue they sent me a new order for $65 without me initiating it. Said they couldn't stop it. I am so sorry I ever even heard of melaleuca!!!! Very crappy business model. I am not sure how you can get out of it. Do not ever "join" melalueca would be my advice.... Read more

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I've been a customer since 2011. I've loved the convience of ordering from my phone, having g it shipped to my home, & not stopping at stores multiple times per month. Plus with asthma & allergies in my home, we've seen a different in the quality of life, which is priceless!

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Decided to try out the eye makeup remover. Not only did it sting my eyes so much it irritated them so much I had to sit with cold clothes on my eyelids for 10 minutes!! Multiple people I've talked to has the same problem. So my question, why the *** make an EYEMAKEUP REMOVER THAT STINGS THE EYES??? Does not make much sense this product is absolute ***.

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Used products for (4) years. Great product. Could not make a living from it. Stopped ordering. They continue to send. Have sent back. Just a pain in the butt now. Will never do business with them again. BS Read more

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El problema es que no trabaja como las demás companias. No se puede cancelar y siguen cobrando aunque se les hace saber que uno desea cancelar. Nunca me encontré *** una compania que trabaja de esa manera y que cobre aunque el cliente no reciba el producto y les haya hecho saber por medio de llamadas telefónicas e emails que no desea recibirlos mas. Me mandan su link y es imposible de acceder su sitio que dice no reconocer su información de... Read more

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Attended a neighbors presentation and was told I would only be charged $1 by her mentor in the pyramid scheme. I only found out by paying my credit card bill that I was charged $64.66 even though I had never authorized any order of a product. This is their backup order scam - more like a bohica scam. Legit companies don't charge you for something you didn't agree to. And they stand behind their products. These guys are inconsistent in... Read more

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